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Colorado's finest in firearms training.


Let Iron Horse provide the exact training you need, at any level, from beginner to advanced.


The team at Iron Horse, headquartered in Parker, Colorado, believes strongly that everyone should have access to high quality firearms training. Whether you are a first-time shooter learning the basics, or experienced and looking to hone your skills, we are here for you. Classes in handgun/pistol, rifle, shotgun, carbine, tactical and more! 

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There's a training course for everyone.


I’ve been to several CC classes. I want to thank you for the best CC class and range training I have ever experienced. The level of deep experience, passion and training skills made it far different than anything I have experienced. The 1 trainer to every 5 shooters gave total range novices and experienced shooters a level of one on one personal training I have never seen before. The depth of dedication, experience and passion mixed with humor of career law enforcement trainers at Iron Horse shows. The humor makes it fun, but the underlying total passion leaves it’s mark in an expectation of serious, safe firearms behavior.
— Larry G, unsolicited email

"Took a class and was very happy with the instructor, instruction and level of professionalism. I'll be back soon." 

     ~ John S., Google review 

"The classes are well taught and organized, especially the CCW classes." 

     ~ Owen B., Yelp review

"My wife and I took a gun safety course with Iron Horse Armory. I must say I'm impressed. Every time we've visited the store before we decided to take a class, we have been greeted and no matter how busy they are, the staff always takes the time to give you their full attention and answer our questions. I have been shooting since I was a kid with my father but never had any professional training. As a fireman's son, safety was serious and number one. We had a good time, learned a lot about our firearms and using them safely. I would highly recommend the handgun safety class whether you want to learn to protect yourself, shoot for enjoyment or sport, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable, personable and spent a lot of time going the extra mile to make sure we were confident in using our firearm. As a Parker business owner myself, hats off to them. My wife and I did something together, had a good time and learned a lot without being overwhelmed. The best part was that my wife although reluctant to fire a gun is now hooked. Next class, concealed and carry for us and we won't be going anywhere else."

     ~ Chad M., Yelp review